Crab Fried Rice By Erik Sun

This is a very simple recipe that uses all of the crab, and the wonderful umami and savory oceany flavors of the crab guts.  Not feeling adventurous?  Try it, you're eating its legs and arms anyway.   I will divide this ingredient list into two parts, "steaming ingredients" which you will throw in a pot and steam for about 10 minutes, and "rice ingredients"

 Equipment List:

-Wok, which I think is the most useful stove pot 

-Large Pot (I use a 5 gallon pot but perhaps 3-4 may work)

-pan to make scrambled eggs


Ingredient list


2 cans beer (I like lighter beers for this)

1 knob of ginger

1 chopped up green onion

smashed garlic

2-3 dungeness crabs



-few cloves garlic, minced

-few thai birds-eye chilis chopped (or less spicy ones if you prefer)

White rice, preferably with less moisture by putting in refrigerator for a day

1/2 piece chicken bouillon

-3 green onions, chopped in about 1/8" circles 

peanut oil or high-temp oil

-chopped cilantro




1) Steam the crabs in beer "steaming ingredients". Basically throw everything in a big pot and bring to a boil then put the crabs in.  After you have steamed the crab you will need to pick the meat and SAVE the guts and crab fat in two bowls.  I have a pair of crab scissors, and if you eat crab, it's worth it to get these so you don't need to use crab crackers (which inevitably get lots of shell into the meat)

2) Simultaneously make... or have prepared the rice.  (ideal you make it the day ahead so the rice can dry a bit which makes frying easier and the rice more conducive to soaking up the ingredients).  Make per your cooker's instructions, but add a half piece of chicken bouillon per 2 cups of rice.  This imparts umami and makes the rice more addicting.  If you don't have a good rice cooker and you make lots of rice, get one.  I recommend Cuckoo pressure cooker which cooks great rice and holds rice for about 4 days without overcooking.

3) After you have your pieces of crab, stir fry in one pan in some peanut oil the minced garlic and birds eye chilies, chopped as seen in the picture.  This will flavor the oil to be garlicky-and-spicy.  

4) In a separate pan, make some scrambled eggs.  I prefer mine on the wet side.  To give you an idea over high flame, I cook scrambled eggs for about 30 seconds tops.  Constantly stirring the eggs with a wooden spoon to give it nice peaks and valleys and a lot more texture.  When it's about 70% to where I want it, take it off the heat and let it finish cooking a bit more gently.  Transfer to a bowl.

5) When your garlic is about soft (but not burnt), pour in the rice and stir fry it, and get the rice coated well with the oil.  

  1. a) pour in the crab. 
  2. b) pour in a bit of the guts and crab fat but not so much that the rice gets soggy.  Keep stirring over high heat, and if you like some of your rice crispy (like Korean stone-pot bibimbap, let it sit in the pan a bit longer).

Done.  Taste and season with white pepper and salt.  throw in cilantro and give a spritz of lime. Throw in the green onions and egg and taste for seasoning again.

A couple variations, you can let the crab meat soak in the crab guts a bit.  There's a slight bitterness to the guts, which the CHILI GARLIC SAUCE will help lift.  You can also add some pickled chilies which helps lift the dish (think of malt vinegar and fish and chips)



The reason we make the Chili Garlic Sauce homemade is because it's better.  :-)


Ingredient list

1/3 cup sugar (can add more if you like it sweeter)

 4 fresh fresno chilies or medium-spicy chili

4 garlic cloves peeled

1/2 cup white vinegar

3/4 cup water

3/4 tbsp sea salt(fine) or kosher salt









1) Puree all ingredients

2) Boil over medium heat then lower the heat to simmering until sugar is dissolved, stirring every 30 seconds. Should take a few minutes

3) add 1 tbsp of cornstarch and 1.5 tbsp of water (mix these together beforehand, do not just dump both ingredients in), then simmer for another 30 seconds and turn off the heat.


It's okay if after pureeing the ingredients there is foam

Refrigerate and use on anything that you want a bit of spiciness and sweetness!