Who We Are

We at Gannet Dive Company are guided by an unwavering respect and abiding love for the oceans that surround us. We do not hunt for sport, there is no room in our world to kill for glory’s sake. 

A ground up approach to design and functionality, an evolution… beautiful design, ultimate functionality, and flawless construction. Instead of looking at what the current market offers, we looked at what the ideal instrument for the task would be and set our minds to building it. The result is the brainchild of over 20 years design experience and 60 years combined dive experience.

This is the way of life we are compelled to live, for our personal health and for the health of our oceans.  Sustained by the sea's wild bounty, literally, spending days in the ocean taking nothing, stalking the one animal we are searching for, zero by-catch, no unintended kill. Our take sees no processing ships, no deep freeze, no 1000 mile journey to the super market. It is truly organic - no farm ponds, no food pellets laced with antibiotics. Local - from the water to our table in hours, everything taken is used, just how it should be. It’s not pretty but it’s always real. 

Not only do we strive, whenever possible, to build products here in the USA that reflect the highest level of quality and design, we build them with an intention that others who share our ideals will benefit from our work.

We strive for culinary excellence as well, because anything worth doing is worth doing on the highest level. Whether it be over an open fire on a remote beach, or in a five star kitchen, we cook our asses off, to not just feed ourselves but to respect the life taken. For us there is no point in spending days on the hunt if you don’t truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. We study and practice the craft relentlessly, seeking out collaboration with the most talented culinary minds.


Garo Jack Hachigian



Garo has been freediving and spearfishing nearly his whole life. Growing up on the East Coast, he was certified for open water SCUBA at age 10, but even before that he had a mask on, hunting, and spearing the coastal waters of New England. 

He is a Performance Freediving International (PFI) Instructor and has been a head safety supervisor for PFI competitions for over 10 years.   He is currently an instructor with the PFI Breath-hold Survival Training program for Naval Special Warfare and other Special Operations groups.

He holds a BA in science communications / fine arts from UCSC and is the former owner of Garoform, a furniture and industrial design company.

Garo now resides in north county San Diego, his combined experiences give him a unique and exceptional skill set. A design and engineering background tailored specifically to freediving and spearfishing. A skill set he brings to bear every day at Gannet Dive Co.


 Robert H. Lee

Legal Counsel

Aside from being a Performance Freediving International instructor and having the ability to accomplish a 4 minute breath hold at 130 feet, Robert holds a JD/MBA from UC Berkeley and a BS from Yale.

Robert is a Research Fellow in Law, Science & Technology at Stanford University. He has worked with companies in fields as diverse as medical diagnostics, artificial intelligence, gaming, and e-commerce. He has served as CEO of Fly Online, which was acquired by Travelzoo (NASDAQ:TZOO) and VP of Intellevate, which was acquired by CPA Global.

Robert's formidable knowledge and skill are employed to protect Gannet Dive Company's patents and intellectual property.