Gannet Dive Co

  • Superior monofilament shooting line for most any application.

    Comes with the highest quality US Made brass swages.

  • Dimensions: #250: 1/16" (1.5mm) diameter / #400: 5/64" (2mm) diameter
    Weight: #250: .1 ounce per yard (3 grams) / #400: .3 ounce per yard (8.5 grams)
    Breaking Strength: #250 (113 Kilograms) / #400 (181.5 Kilograms)

  • this product is a consumable and is not covered by our warranty.

  • Thank you for considering Gannet Dive Company USA. Although we strive to manufacture the highest quality products we cannot, due the hazardous nature of the sport, guarantee your safety under any circumstance while using our products, even if used correctly. So please be safe. 

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Type: Rigging

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