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  • Another evolution in dive design, our floatlines now come with Gannet Bullet Ends.  No longer do you need to decide which terminal to choose.  Just unscrew the cross bolt from the integrated swiveling end of the 1800 pound test Gannet Bullet and attach the end you want. You can even run it directly to your shooting line!  It is traditional floatline flawlessly constructed with superior components. Wether stalking the kelp, chasing down a cow, or dropping the deep reef our traditional floatlines are up for the task. A 1400 pound Dyneema core and now with Gannet Bullet ends. 

    Made In the USA

     The Gannet Tie

    A superior connection we have developed as an alternative to traditional connections.  It is incredibly strong, stealthy, and simple.  With a breaking strength of 1800 pounds, it far surpasses the holding capabilities of any other connection.  By doing away with shackles and clips we have created an extremely quiet connection as well, there is no metal to clank around on your gun anymore, and the result is stealthy.  It is also a simple elegant design easy to tie and untie in challenging conditions. 

  • Dimensions: 
    3/8" x 50'-125' (1cm x 15.25 - 38m)
    1.9lb (862g), 2.6lb (1179g), 3.6lb (1633g), 4.6lb (2087g)
    Breaking Strength:
    1400 pounds (635 kilograms)

  • We guarantee the materials and workmanship of our products for life, and will repair or replace any damage at our discretion. Furthermore, we will replace any product at 50% of its current retail price regardless of its condition or how it was damaged. Just send it back and we will replace it, for life, no questions asked. Excludes consumables.
    As with all dive gear proper maintenance is a must.

  • Thank you for considering Gannet Dive Company USA. Although we strive to manufacture the highest quality products we cannot, due the hazardous nature of the sport, guarantee your safety under any circumstance while using our products, even if used correctly. So please be safe. 


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